Located in Western Romania

Tonnellerie Barik Avram was founded by Marinel Avram in 2004, taking over this craft from his father Benjamin Avram and continuing the tradition of making barrels which is in fact a family tradition of 4-5 generations of carpenters, maintaining at the same time as an object of activity the making of oak barrels destined for the aging of wines as well as of all alcoholic beverages.

Oak tree

From western Romania


225L/ 250L/ 300L

The most common wood used in the manufacture of barriques is oak, but you can also find acacia, chestnut, cherry or even rose.


We carried out the first export of 225 liter barriques in the Rioja Spain Vineyard to a prestigious viticulturist, where we delivered approximately 800 225 liter oak barriques, after which obviously as a step by step we started to expand and export barriques throughout Europe. as well as in Argentina, Australia, Israel.

Barrique Quality Wine Quality

We mention that during these years and until now we have tried to improve ourselves as much as possible and to develop this craft, to listen carefully to the client’s wishes and to do so so that we can qualitatively satisfy any client who in turn appreciates this.

Among the Romanian oak varieties we use to make barriques are:

Quercus Sessilis, with fine porosity fiber and less aromatic, of medium tannin and sweet tannins.

Quercus Robur, with coarser fiber, aromatic and rich in tannins, adapted for red wines.

The process of natural drying of the staves lasts at least 2 years, this drying process is necessary because the stalk can remove the bitter essences from the tannins and accentuate the aromatic compounds that are beneficial to both wines and other alcoholic beverages.